How to Get Callus Off! (And Keep it Off)

You want that callus off, and you want it off for good, right?

We know.

We’re human beings, too. And if it’s one thing we most certainly dislike, it’s having unsightly calluses on our feet. So, we definitely know you aren’t too fond of them as well.

If you’ve read some of our other articles on this website, you’ll see that we have offer a variety of recipes and home remedies to help care for your feet–and several of those remedies were designed with one thing in mind: To get callus off!

(Take a look at some of our home remedies to help soften feet and rid them of calluses.)

In this article, we are going to go over a few more home remedies that will help you remove your calluses, and possibly remove them for good.

Foot Soaks 

We talk about foot soaks quite a bit here on


That’s because foot soaks are one of the key remedies to aid you with getting that nasty callus off of your feet.


Foot soaks help moisturize and soften the skin on your feet, and they help make dead skin a little easier to remove as opposed to when your feet are dry and prone to skin breakage.


Please note: We highly recommend that you never attempt to get callus off your feet without first soaking them. Doing so, you are risking the likely chance of causing breakage of the skin, causing inury and bleeding.


(Want to know what causes callus on the feet? Read this article.)

Use Foot Soaks Designed to Help Get Callus Off 

Although just about all foot soaks soften and make it easier for you to remove callus-causing dead skin from your feet, there are a number of foot soaks out there that have different effects and are used for different foot situations.

The foot soaks we’ve noticed to work specifically to help get callus off of your feet are the ones that involve our ever-so-favorite Epsom salt, as well as tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and ingredients with antifungal properties (because calluses are sometimes a sign of fungal infections).

Get Callus Off With Moisturizing Foot Soak Ingredients

shea-butter-benefits.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartYou also want to stick with foot soaks that have extreme moisturizing properties in them, so that these properties can moisturize your feet while you soak them, making the skin ultra-soft and easy to get the callus off without any sweat.

When shopping for foot soak products and ingredients that have moisturizing properties in them, you want to look for ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, shae butter, and cocoa butter.


(Shop for these key ingredients here.)


Of course, there are many other moisturizing ingredients you can add to your foot soaks to make them more moisturizing, but the ingredients listed above are typically the most clinically proven ingredients to help rid skin (especially the skin on your feet) of any dryness.


These ingredients are also popularly known to help treat skin irritations caused by skin conditions and medical conditions.


Note: For your safety, always consult with your doctor if you are prone to skin irritations, or have an existing skin condition, and are planning to use any of the ingredients listed in this article.

Or Use These Moisturizers Alone to Help Get Callus Off of Feet

These moisturizing ingredients aren’t just meant for foot soaks.

You can use them separately and alone, or you can combine a few (or all of them) together to create one extremely moisturizing foot cream to apply to your feet to help bring back softness, suppleness and of course, get rid of calluses.

(Read: Coconut Oil is the BEST Remedy for Dry Skin.)

Avoid Exposing Feet to Scalding Hot Waters

We can’t preach enough how important it is for you to avoid exposing your feet to hot water.


Although hot baths, showers and saunas seem like a good idea to expose your feet to, they’re actually extremely damaging on your skin, especially on the skin of your feet.


The excessive heat from hot showers, baths and saunas can cause the skin on your feet to respond in a way that makes your feet dryer than they were before being exposed to hot water temperatures.


So, something to keep in mind if you’re considering foot soaks like the ones mentioned above to get callus off of your feet: Do not soak feet in HOT water. Use warm water, instead.

Wear Some Socks!

Yes, socks were meant to capture sweat from the feet.

But they can also help prevent you from developing super dry feet, that leads to ugly callus growth.

By wearing socks, you can prevent your feet from gaining too much friction from the hard surfaces of floors. Floors like concrete, tile and even rugs can cause enough friction to cause callus growth on your feet over time.

So, if you’re a fan of walking around your house without socks, you might want to consider getting out and buying some socks just for lounging.

Or, if you really don’t feel like going out to shop for socks, you can shop a variety of socks here!

Even Better, Wear Socks With Built-In Moisture

And then there’s these guys. We’ve mentioned them a few times before in previous articles.


Socks that actually have moisture built in them.


How cool is that?


Most of these socks have cooling and moiturizing properties built in them to help foot conditions such as aches, pains and, you guessed it, dryness and foot calluses!


These socks are known for usually containing aloe vera and vitamin E and even cucumber extract for added moisture and coolness.


But it doesn’t stop there.


Some of these buit-in moisture socks have minty properties like eucalyptus and peppermint oil (another favorite of ours!).


(Shop built-in moisture socks here.)

Take Your Vitamins

When trying to get callus off of your feet, or trying to prevent calluses from growing or coming back, it’s important that you take care of your “inside” as much as you take care of your “outside”.

Even thought the above recommendations have been known to help treat various cases of callus growth, sometimes they won’t be as effective if your diet is poor.

Especially when you don’t (at the very least) include vitamins as your a part of your regular daily intake.

Prenatals work wonders for women, even if not pregnant

A plus for the ladies, here.

You can take prenatal vitamins as a way to help improve things like energy, hair growth, nail growth and skin health, even when you are not pregnant*.

That’s because prenatal vitamins are jam-packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals that help a woman stay at her best health, especially when trying to grow a healthy baby.

Because prenatal vitamins are so great for the skin, your feet will thank you, too.

That’s because the vitamins will work on the inside, to help keep your skin and your feet looking beautiful on the outside.

And for the fellas, the ‘1 A Day‘ vitamin for men works like a charm

Fellas, these little pieces of awesome are going to help you keep your skin, hair and nails looking great, too!

And they’re definitely going to help you keep you from making that special someone feel like they’re playing with sandpaper the next time you two are playing footsies.

Take it from us: The ladies to not like sandpaper feet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Yet another thing we mention a lot on our website, but is definitely something we can’t stress enough.


If you want skin and feet to be soft and supple, you’ve GOT to start drinking more water.


No matter what you do to get callus off of your feet, if you do not drink water (and in the recommended 2 liters of water a day), you’ll likely see these nasty little buggers come back again.


So, please. Drink water, and drink plenty of it!

Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Work Miracles to Get Callus Off of Feet

We know how awesome aloe vera feels on skin irritation and sun burns.

And we all know how refreshing it tastes in juices with a little added sweetener (so delicious!)

But Aloe vera isn’t just for sun burns.

As a matter of fact, when combined with coconut oil, aloe vera actually helps magically rid your feet of dryness, and is definitely perfect for getting even some of the most stubborn callus off.

Aloe vera is also an easy-to-grow and easy-to-maintain plant. It doesnt’ require much care, and grows almost without any extra maintance.

You can keep it in your home inside a convenient planter, or you can let it grow free in your front or back yard (just be sure to keep it clear of little bugs and insects that may like to hide and build little homes within the aloe veras stems).

(Buy aloe vera gel here.)

The only thing with growing aleo vera on your own, is that you won’t be able to use it’s skin-benefiting gel until the aloe vera plant has matured. That’s when the gel is most present. Otherwise, the gel may be nearly non-existent

Store-bought aloe vera gel works fine, too

If you really don’t want to go through the hassle of growing your aloe vera plant and waiting for the leaves to mature so you can use the gel that grows in them, you can buy aloe vera gel at most convenience stores that have a pharmacy isle.

And as for coconut oil, you can buy that at just about any store with a baking section.

(Shop coconut oil and aloe vera gel here!)

Whip the two together and whip together a miracle whip for your callused feet

When you combine aloe vera gel and coconut oil together using a hand mixer, you’ll come up with a fluffy whip-like cream that you can use to apply to your feet to help soothe feet, as well as help get callus off.

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