Best Electric Foot Callus Removers

Now that summer is here, it’s time to break out the sandals!

If your feet are looking less than perfect because of dry skin and calluses, consider using an electric callus removing brush to slough off dead skin and leave your feet looking beautiful.

We researched and tested out several of the best electric foot callus removers, and found 5 options we think everyone will be able to use and enjoy! They are all safe, effective, and much cheaper than getting a pedicure each week. So get those sandals ready, and check out our list of the top callus removers for your dry, flaky feet!

#1 Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals 

If you were looking for a great, simple tool to buff out calluses and dry skin, I’d highly recommend the Amopé Pedi Perfect. It’s a battery-powered device that gently sloughs off dry skin, leaving you with smooth, happy feet. You can also buy 3 different kinds of roller head replacements, so you can find one that works for your needs.


I like that it is used on dry feet, and not in the shower. I have a standing shower, so using this when I’m not able to sit down would be dangerous! I also like that the replacement heads are relatively inexpensive which cuts down on the overall cost!

Things We Liked

  • Gentle on sensitive feet
  • Use on dry skin; more convenient
  • Replacement heads affordable
  • Well-reviewed by users

Things We Didn't Like

    • Battery-powered
    • Heads wear out quickly
    • Not strong enough for some feet

    #2 Naturalico Electric Callus Remover and Shaver

    For people who need a more aggressive callus remover, I would consider buying the Naturalico device. It comes with 2 speed options, and a safety-shutoff if you press too hard on your foot, so it’s not only effective – it’s also much safer to use!

    This device is also meant for using on dry skin, though it is water-safe to wash it after each use. It also comes with an LED light on it, so you can see what you’re doing more clearly. While it seems to only come with one head replacement option, they seem to do the work just fine for most people!

    Things We Liked

    • Rechargeable/Wireless device
    • Easy to clean/care for
    • Two speeds to choose from
    • LED light to see area you’re treating

    Things We Didn't Like

      • A bit expensive
      • One brush head thickness option
      • Replacement heads expensive

      #3 Zoe+Ruth Electric Callus Remover

      This device is quite similar to the Naturalico device, but with a few subtle differences. For example, this callus remover only has one speed option, so you won’t be able to adjust the machine to fit your exact needs. However, it does say you can use it on either wet or dry feet, which is a great option to have. I like using my callus remover after a shower, which I can’t do with the previous ones!


      The Zoe+Ruth callus remover also comes with a nice carrying case, which is great for traveling. The case also makes this a great gift idea as well!

      Things We Liked

      • Rechargeable/Wireless Device
      • Comes with 3 brush heads
      • Comes with carrying case for storage or travel
      • Use on wet or dry skin

      Things We Didn't Like

        • A bit expensive
        • Replacement heads expensive
        • One speed option

        #4 Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tool 

        The most expensive device on our list, the Own Harmony tool is almost 3x more powerful than other rechargeable options for a more aggressive treatment. I recommend this to anyone who found the previous three options too weak to treat their feet properly.

        I like this tool because it’s just plain powerful. It is tough enough to handle any amount of dry skin or thick calluses without wearing itself out. There is a safety catch in case you rub too hard, which prevents injuries. It also comes with 3 brush heads so you can tailor your treatment to your needs. The brush heads are also larger than the others, so you can get a better treatment more quickly!

        Things We Liked

        • Rechargeable/Wireless Device
        • Comes with 3 brush heads
        • Easy to clean
        • Professional-grade device

        Things We Didn't Like

          • Most expensive on the list
          • Replacement heads expensive
          • Only use on dry skin; damp clean
          • Might be too powerful for some

          #5 SUPRENT Trilogy Foot File

          To keep things fair, and because I was curious, I did some research on more traditional files and razor shavers for calluses, and found this was the best of the bunch. At only around $10, it is clearly the cheapest option, but offers a different kind of treatment than an electric callus shaver. I’ve seen non-electric versions of these around for years, and this looks like the perfect upgrade!


          This device comes with two metal buffers to remove dry and flaky skin, which is great if you need that. However, most people purchase this for the callus/corn shaver. It uses a special razor blade to literally shave off dry skin – something you should only do if you truly need it, or have practiced doing so in the past! I recommend this to anyone who wants an inexpensive option, or if they really only need calluses or corns removed.

          Things We Liked

          • Rechargeable/Wireless Device
          • Comes with 3 different types of heads
          • Replacement razors are inexpensive
          • Highly effective at removing thick calluses or corns

          Things We Didn't Like

            • Not as safe as other options
            • No replacements for the 2 files
            • Doesn’t hold a charge long

            5 Best Electric Foot Callus Removers





            Own Harmony



            Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals
            Naturalico Electric Callus Remover and Shaver
            Zoe+Ruth Electric Callus Remover
            Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tool 
            SUPRENT Trilogy Foot File








            4 AA batteries




            USB Charger











            Wet/Dry Feet



            Wet & Dry


            Unsure (probably dry only)

            Tools Included

            1 Regular Coarse Roller Head

            2 Roller Heads; Cleaning Brush

            3 Roller Heads; Cleaning Brush; Carrying Case

            3 Roller Heads; Cleaning Brush

            1 Smooth Foot File; 1 Coarse Foot File; 1 Callus Remover Rasp; 10 razor blades

            Cost of Refills

            Foot Calluses: What You Need To Know!

            What causes calluses on the feet?

            Calluses are a rough buildup of skin on the feet, hands, or anywhere you experience excess friction on the skin. They may be unsightly, but they are usually easy to treat at home without medical intervention.


            Calluses on the feet are commonly caused by wearing the wrong size shoes, or by wearing shoes that rub your feet while you walk. People with deformed toes (hammertoe, claw toes, mallet toes, etc.) are more likely to develop calluses on the tops of their toes. Women are also more likely to develop calluses if they frequently wear high heels or shoes with narrow/pointed toes.

            How do I treat calluses?

            Calluses are incredibly easy to treat at home by doing a few simple things:

            • First, make sure you are wearing the right size of footwear, and always wear socks with sneakers – especially when exercising – to prevent excessive friction.
            • Replace worn out soles and insoles of your shoes to prevent poor fit or rubbing
            • If you have deformed toes, consider buying shoes with enough space to fit them, or fix your deformed toes with toe spreaders or surgery
            • Soak callused feet in warm water, then use a callus remover tool to gently rub off dead skin. Follow up treatment with a foot cream and cover with socks. This is great to do before bed!

            Make sure to see your doctor if you have corns or calluses that don’t improve with at-home treatments, or if you see bleeding or pus, which is a sign of infection.

            What can I do to prevent calluses from coming back?

            While I cannot guarantee your calluses will never come back, there are some things you can to do keep them at bay, or make sure when they return they aren’t as bad:

            • Wear the correct size shoes ALL the time, and wear socks or liners to keep feet dry and to prevent rubbing.
            • Correct any foot/toe problems that are causing the rubbing to occur
            • Use moisturizer on your feet every night to keep skin from peeling/cracking
            • Soak and file away dead skin regularly to keep dry skin from building up as much – do this as often as you see fit.


            You don’t have to hide your feet in sneakers all summer because of calluses or corns! All you need is an electric callus remover and a good moisturizer to get your feet in perfect shape for sandals and flip-flops! We reviewed 5 great options for you to purchase, each with their own special features to suit anyone’s needs!

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