Best Foot Odor Cream – Top Picks and Reviews

smelly-feet-1200x800When it comes to feet, we want freshness all day long. While sweating is perfectly natural, especially feet because feet have the most sweat glands of any part of your body. Smelly feet can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. But do not fret! Because foot odor can be treated effectively. It should be noted that the smell associated with sweaty feet is due to bacteria and fungi that grows very quickly in moist environments, such as the environment in shoes and socks when you perspire. There are numerous products out there to help with smelly feet and help to get rid of all the embarrassment you may have from smelly feet. Foot odor products come in various types. Some reduce sweating, while others keep your feet dry despite perspiration. There are products out there that kill odor producing bacteria, while other products remove or just mask odors. Below are some of the best products that you can purchase to help you with your foot odor.

 At a Glance : Best Choices for the Best Foot Odor Cream

#1 Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream by Lavilin is a great foot odor cream because it is suitable for delicate skin. It has combinations of natural herbs that help to address odor and attack bacteria that causes odor in your feet. There are no harsh chemicals or aluminum contained within this cream.

#2 Elite Foot Spray by Elite Sportz Equipment  is a great tool for shoes and smelly feet. It is a natural product that has multi-functional use. It is not just a foot spray, it is also a moisturizer that kills the bacteria that causes foot odor.

#3 Pedilux 4 Foot Odor Remedy by Pedilux is a great long lasting foot deodorant cream. A single application keeps smelly foot odor free for up to 90 days.

#4 Margarite Zinc Cream for Problem Skin by Margarite is a great fast acting and maximum strength formula. It’s fragrance free and paraben free.

#5 On Your Toes Bacteria Bactericide Powder is great at shrinking pores to reduce sweating and kills bacteria to fight odor, as well as absorbing sweat to keep feet dry.

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12.5 grams​

Plastic Jar


Elite Sportz Equipment

Elite Sportz Equipment

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On Your Toes

On Your Toes

21 grams


#1 Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream by Lavilin

 This is the best cream for fighting foot odor. It is a botanical cream. The active ingredients that make it effective are: Calendula, Arnica, Zinc Oxide to kill bacteria and Chamomile for skin soothing purposes.


In just one application foot odor can be banished for up to seven days. It also won’t clog your pores and water resistant, which makes it a great long-lasting, long-wearing foot cream.


This is the most ideal foot cream for active individuals. And is also suited the best for delicate and sensitive skin types.


It’s all natural. It doesn’t contain any parabens, aluminium, alcohol, or aluminium salts. It’s a healthy way to combat foot odor.


Lavilin works for all different types of shoes as well, even leather and athletic shoes which is a huge bonus. Showering, bathing, sports, or other activities won’t interfere with Lavilin.

Things We Liked

  • Aluminium and Alcohol free
  • Highly effective
  • ​Showering or other activities don’t interfere with effectiveness.
  • Ingredients help with soothing, as well as killing fungi and bacteria

Things We Didn't Like

    • May have to apply more than the advertised 1 in 7 days time frame

    #2 Elite Foot Spray by Elite Sportz Equipment

    This product is also great for curing foot odor. It’s an all natural foot spray that is more than just a foot spray, it’s acts like a moisturizer.

    It moisturizes while killing the bacteria that causes foot odor. It also not only controls foot odor, but promotes healthy feet. The formula is packed with 7 essential oils and 11 helpful herbs and botanicals that all help in promoting healthy feet.

    There are no harsh chemicals within this foot spray. There is also no aluminum or parabens. It is made with 100% non-toxic ingredients that help to soothe and heal, all while getting rid of pesky foot odor.

    While curing your foot odor, it also is a multi-functional product by smoothing and softening  calluses and rough skin, as well as soothing and hydrating cracked feet and alleviates itchiness.

    Things We Liked

    • Lifetime guarantee if not satisfied with product
    • All-natural, which means no harmful chemicals
    • Effective
    • Multi-functional

    Things We Didn't Like

      • Not the best product is just wanting to target just foot odor

      #3 Pedilux 4 Foot Odor Remedy by Pedilux

      This is the best long lasting foot deodorant cream. In a single application your foot odor will stay away for 90 days, or so it claims. A few more applications within that 90 days may be needed, depending on how well your skin reacts with the product.


      The formula helps to limit bacteria growth of the bacteria that causes foot and shoe odor. This product works a little differently than the others, you need to apply this before you go to bed. Be sure to wear the absorbent socks overnight, as the product works the best with the socks.


      This product works to block bacteria so that it can’t thrive and grow on your feet for prolonged periods of time. You want to be sure to wear the absorbent socks for 24 hours after application to keep your feet to stay fresh smelling for the 90 days.


      This is a great product if you want a quick fix for your smelly feet. If you needed more than one application, it may be difficult to get more than one use out of the jar.

      Things We Liked

      • Fragrance
      • Long Lasting

      Things We Didn't Like

        • May need more than one application
        •  Fragrance

        #4 Margarite Zinc Cream for Problem Skin by Margarite

        This is a fast acting, maximum, strength formula. It’s both fragrance free and paraben free. For the best use of this product, apply a liberal amount to the problem area, your feet and let dry.

        Zinc cream is most effective when you apply to feet immediately after washing your feet and applying it at least 3 times a week. To keep the odor from coming back you will want to switch up the initial regimen to once a week for two months.

        Zinc is an effective way to combat foot odor because the more concentrated (cream form) dose of the natural antibacterial properties of the mineral zinc make it the most effective to combat foot odor.

        This product is a topical astringent, which essentially means that it helps in reducing excessive perspiration. It helps to close pores and sweat glands that are the root cause for foot odor.

        If you have suffered with long term foot odor problems, it may be due to not having enough zinc in your system, so you have a hard time fighting off the bacteria that grows due to excessive perspiration, which is why you should turn to a zinc supplementation to fight off the odor.

        Things We Liked

        • Highly effective
        • Natural mineral to combat foot odor
        • Best product for those with zinc deficiencies

        Things We Didn't Like

          • ​Tedious application process
          • ​Not fast acting

          #5 On Your Toes Bactericide Powder by On Your Toes

          This powder needs to be mixed with a cream, to be the most effective. It works to rid foot odor by shrinking pores to reduce sweating, also kills bacteria to fight off odor, as well as absorbing sweat to keep your feet dry.


          This product contains zinc oxide of zinc, which has its own benefits as mentioned in the product above. This product works to eliminate your foot odor for up to 6 months.


          On Your Toes is said to treat either 6 pairs of shoes or three pairs of sneakers, it is powerful enough to handle the stench that comes with foot odor remaining in your shoes. To be most effective you will want to wear socks with the powder/cream mixture for a couple of days.

          Things We Liked

          • Guarantee to work for six months
          • Kills bacteria that causes foot odor

          Things We Didn't Like

            • ​Doesn’t prevent your feet from sweating
            • Seems effective, but not right for everybody

            Ways to Prevent Foot Odor

            While the products listed above, help to prevent foot odor that is already present, it is important to know that there are ways to prevent foot odor from appearing. More often than not foot odor is caused by excessive sweating of the feet. If this is case you may to visit a podiatrist if the sweaty or foot odor isn’t getting any better and the above recommended products aren’t helping either. Below are six ways to prevent foot odor from popping up and making an appearance on your feet and shoes.

            1. Good hygiene -make sure you are taking care of yourself and when you shower make sure you scrub your feet.
            2. Use a foot scrub – this goes with the above, use a foot scrub can help ensure your feet stay clean and help to absorb extra moisture in your feet.
            3. Rotate Shoes – make sure to switch up which shoes you are wearing, wearing the same shoes day after day will cause them to smell, so make sure you keep a good rotation of your shoes.
            4. Soak Feet – a simple foot soak with bath salts can also help eliminate and prevent foot odor.
            5. Wear and Change Socks Frequently – be sure to regularly change your socks, and make sure to wear socks with your shoes, athletic shoes especially, socks will absorb the sweat before you shoes get the sweat.
            6. Change Diet – sometimes dietary changes can help in preventing food odor.


            We all know foot odor is an embarrassing thing. It can really impede on your everyday life. That’s why the best foot odor creams have been reviewed to help you decide what works best for you needs and to help you not feel embarrassed anymore.

            The most effective and highly recommended product for foot odor is the Lavilin Foot deodorant. It’s the most natural, the least harmful and the most effective. It really works to help prevent foot odor.

            It’s also the most friendly to active lifestyles. So you don’t have to slow down any activity because you are worried your cream might not be as effective, there’s no worry that comes with this product.

            Just be sure in whichever product you choose to listen to your feet and body and though it may take a little time you will find the right cream that works for you and your skin and will be on your way to ridding your foot odor in no time!

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