5 Best Odor-Reducing Socks Review

Foot odor is a terrible problem for many people, and it can be very tough to cure. Whether your feet smell bad all the time, or just when working out, it can be an embarrassing thing to deal with. Unfortunately, the smell can seep into shoes and socks, making it hard to manage.

Luckily, we know that most foot smells are the result of bacteria, and there are several treatments on the market to help with that issue. Even if you wash your feet with antibacterial soap and use a specific treatment, though, feet can sweat and stink after strenuous exercise or long hours trapped in sweaty shoes.

One solution is to find socks for food odor and wear them daily. They contain fibers that kill and prevent bacteria from appearing, which reduces the odor. Thankfully, there are many out there to suit your needs – from athletic socks to formal dress socks, there are options for every occasion!

I researched several options, and found these were the best socks for foot order. They are also different styles to give you options to wear at work, at home, or in the gym!

Top Odor-Reducing Socks Reviews and Comparison 

Kodal Antibacterial Athletic Socks for Men and Women

An Amazon favorite, these socks are the perfect low-cut option for working out or wearing casual shoes. They use copper fiber to prevent bacteria growth, which in turn helps prevent smelly feet associated with excess sweating or athlete’s foot. Copper is a pretty common antibiotic material that is used in plenty of sport socks and wraps.


These seem like a great odor-reducing sock for both men and women who need a high-quality sock to get them through workouts or daily running. I also like that they’re black, which matches well with most sneakers!

Things We Liked

  • Antibacterial copper kills 99.9% of bacteria on feet within 2 hours
  • 80% combed cotton; 20% copper yarn
  • Moisture-wicking design prevents sweat and smells
  • Deep heel pocket to prevent slipping into shoes

Things We Didn't Like

    • A bit expensive (almost $10/pair)
    • Some buyers complained socks wore out on first use, or had frayed seams

    Copper Fit Unisex Copper Infused No Show Socks

    If you are looking for a more affordable option for low-cut socks with copper fibers, these are a good alternative. At only around $4 per pair, they are less than half the price of the Kodal brand.

    Unlike the Kodal brand, these are also a polyester fabric, which is good for wicking moisture and will last a bit longer. They also come in black and white options, so they will definitely match up with your favorite shoes. I would totally wear these under my white Converse sneakers, since they are white and will barely show

    Things We Liked

    • 100% polyester fabric with copper-infused bottoms
    • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool
    • Two color options
    • No-slip heel tabs
    • No-show design to go with any shoe
    • Unisex sizing

    Things We Didn't Like

      • Some people had problems with fit
      • Compression around arches too tight for some

      Sixdaysox Sport Anti-Odor

      These are another great option if you need socks that prevent foot odor. I wanted to include them because they are more of a crew cut style, which some people prefer over the low-cut socks. They would fit incredibly well under hiking boots or riding boots, and give the same anti-odor and moisture wicking performance that the Kodal socks offer. They also use silver fiber rather than copper, which could be a good idea if your skin gets a reaction from copper-infused socks.


      I also like that these are a bit thinner than other cotton socks. I can’t wear thick socks with my boots in the winter because they won’t fit, so these are perfect!

      Things We Liked

      • Contains 5% silver fiber, which is an antibacterial fiber
      • Arch support for better fit
      • Absorb sweat to keep feet dry and cool
      • Anti-static material
      • Thin fabric for better shoe fit

      Things We Didn't Like

        • They are moisture absorbing, rather than moisture wicking, so some people complained they made their feet more sweaty
        • Plain design; supposed to be for casual and dressy shoes, but they’re not dressy enough for my taste

        Gmark Silver Ions Dress Sock

        If you were looking for a dress sock that will keep smelly feet at bay, I would highly recommend these. They look great, last forever, and do a great job at reducing bacteria and smells all day. This brand uses silver ions in the socks to kill bacteria, which is probably similar to the silver fiber mentioned in the Sixdaysox socks.

        I like that these seem to be as thin as normal dress socks, which means you don’t have to worry about stretching out shoes with bulky socks. There aren’t that many good options out there for odor reducing dress socks, so I’d check these out!

        Things We Liked

        • Uses silver ions as antibacterial element
        • Dress socks; come in 3 colors (black, navy, grey)
        • Arch compression for better fit
        • Moisture-wicking to keep feet cool and dry all day

        Things We Didn't Like

          • Come in men’s sizes only
          • Run slightly large

          CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks 

          If you are looking to invest in a great pair of knee-high compression socks that both eliminate odors and prevent injury, these are for you! CopperJoint creates medical-grade copper socks, gloves, and other athletic sleeves to enhance your performance.


          A few of my marathon running friends swear by these socks – they keep shin splints and vein problems at bay, and even after running for several miles, their feet don’t smell at all! While these are a bit on the expensive side, I think they are great for people who need a high-performance sock that will last for a long time!

          Things We Liked

          • Compression prevents muscle fatigue
          • Uses 12% copper-infused nylon
          • Great for travelers, diabetics, standing/sitting in long shifts, and post-operation patients
          • Anti-odor even in very hot weather

          Things We Didn't Like

            • A bit expensive (normally around $35 per pair!)
            • Only comes with one pair
            • Copper and black design is sort of ugly
            • Length doesn’t fit everyone properly
            • Unclear what materials they are made of


            Copper Fit





            Kodal Antibacterial Athletic Socks for Men and Women
            Copper Fit Unisex Copper Infused No Show Socks
            Sixdaysox Sport Anti-Odor
            Gmark Silver Ions Dress Sock
            CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks







            # of pairs

            5 pairs

            4 pairs

            6 pairs

            3 pairs

            1 pair








            Black (4 colors of stitching)

            Black, White, or Gray

            Black, Navy, or Gray

            Black or White



            80% Combed Cotton;

            70% Cotton; 5% Silver Fiber; 5% Lycra; 20% Nylon

            40% Coolmax; 40% Cotton; 12% Polyester; 3% Spandex; 5% Elastic; With Silver Ion

            100% Copper-infused Polyester

            12% Copper-infused Nylon; 88% Unknown??







            Shoe Size Range (U.S. Men)






            How Odor-Reducing Socks Work

            Odor-reducing socks work by killing bacteria that form on the feet due to sweat, old shoes, or conditions like athlete’s foot. They are made of antibacterial materials that are woven into the sock to prevent odors from forming as your feet sweat throughout the day. They area also commonly moisture-wicking as well to keep feet cool and dry all day long.


            Common antibacterial fibers you may find in socks are copper, silver, silver ions, and activated charcoal. I didn’t include any charcoal socks in the article because they don’t work as well as copper or silver, and charcoal will eventually wash out of even the best socks. Using socks with antibacterial fibers prevents bacteria from forming in the first place, even if you feet are sweaty. These socks can save your shoes from smelling bad, and keep you from dealing with embarrassing odors for months.


            The rest of the materials your socks are made of will depend on what you need. Cotton and wool socks will wick away moisture better than nylon or polyester, but can be bulky under dress shoes or tight sneakers. Using a nylon or polyester fabric means the socks will have more stretch or better support, and will last longer – but may not be as good at wicking sweat.



            If you suffer from smelly feet, worry no more! There are several socks on the market that can help you keep odors at bay all day long, and they come in different styles for work and play!


            Keep in mind that in addition to using odor-reducing socks, you should also try your best to keep your feet clean, and use a fresh pair of socks every day. If your foot odor doesn’t improve or worsens after using these socks, talk to your doctor. 

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