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Best Toe Splints for Post-Surgery Bunions

There are many products on the market aimed at preventing bunions, but not many that are appropriate to use after surgery. So we did some digging around to find the best products out there you can use post bunion surgery to keep your feet as protected and healthy as possible while they heal.

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Best Electric Foot Callus Removers

Now that summer is here, it’s time to break out the sandals! If your feet are looking less than perfect because of dry skin and calluses, consider using an electric callus removing brush to slough off dead skin and leave your feet looking beautiful. We researched and tested out several of the best electric foot callus removers, […]

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How to Treat & Prevent Bunions

Bunions, also known as Hallux Valgus, are one of the most common toe alignment problems. They can be incredibly painful and difficult to treat because they sometimes reoccur even after surgery. If they worsen, they can affect how your other toes align, causing more issues like hammertoe, overlapping toes, and other alignment issues. Understanding what bunions […]

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Best and Easy Home Remedies for Smelly Shoes

Even if you invest in odor-killing socks, and keep your feet as clean as possible, you still may be left with shoes that…well…stink. If you have owned your shoes for a long time, they will eventually start to smell funky, even if your feet don’t!Instead of throwing away your smelly shoes, here are some inexpensive […]

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5 Best Odor-Reducing Socks Review

Foot odor is a terrible problem for many people, and it can be very tough to cure. Whether your feet smell bad all the time, or just when working out, it can be an embarrassing thing to deal with. Unfortunately, the smell can seep into shoes and socks, making it hard to manage.Luckily, we know […]

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Toe Deformities & Surgery Options

When all other treatment options fail to fix your toe deformities, surgery is the last option. Most doctors will exhaust all other treatment options before even suggesting it because surgery is expensive, recovery times vary, and there is no guarantee of a permanent fix. Insurance plans also rarely cover toe deformity surgeries, since fixing a […]

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Do Toe Separators Really Help Bunions?

Toe separators are incredibly popular right now, and are recommended by yoga instructors, dancers, and basically anyone on the Internet. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of styles, and promise to fix all your foot problems. Companies claim their toe separators can help repair hammertoes, mallet toes, plantar fasciitis, and even bunions. But do they […]

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5 Effective Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that affects roughly 10% of people at some point in their life. If you suffer from heel pain, especially when you first get up in the morning, or after running or standing for long periods, you very likely have plantar fasciitis. It’s a common problem that, thankfully, is almost […]

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