Best At-Home Treatment for Crooked Toes

We have talked a lot about bunions on the site lately, but what about dealing with your other 4 toes? In addition to bunions, many people also have problems with their other toes becoming bent or curled unnaturally. Much like bunions, they are sometimes painful and make wearing shoes difficult.

Treating them with surgery is strongly discouraged, so it’s up to you to treat/correct them on your own for the most part. There are several options on the market made specifically for hammertoe and mallet toe problems.

Here are just a few of our favorite products you can easily use at home to correct your crooked toes without the need for surgery!

#1 Dr. Frederick’s Original Hammer Toe Cushion

I have mentioned Dr. Frederick’s products several times on the site because, frankly, they are some of the best around! This is a cushion that sits under the second, third, and fourth toes to straighten toes and prevent blisters or calluses. It straps to the third toe to keep it stable, and fits comfortably inside most shoes.


Dr. Frederick’s cushion helps relieve pain and bending due to hammertoes and mallet toes without extra straps or padding. They are also easy to wash and reuse, which is always a good thing when talking about keeping feet healthy and clean!

Things We Liked

  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean
  • Works on all toes

Things We Didn't Like

    • May not fit inside all shoes
    • Must buy for both feet; potentially wasteful if only needed on one foot

    #2 Profoot Toe Straight Hammertoe Wrap

    I’ve seen these in the store lately, and I’m curious to try them out! They are basically bandages that strap two of your toes together, forcing them into proper alignment. I think they would be great for me while wearing heels to prevent blisters and pain, since I don’t wear my heels that often!

    Things We Liked

    • Simple design; works on any toe
    • Easily adjustable
    • Fit under shoes

    Things We Didn't Like

      • One-time use only
      • Only comes with 2 in a pack

      #3 Zheeyi Hammer Toe Straighteners Slings & Toe Separators

      If you are looking for more of a workout for your toes, this is a great way to stretch out your toes after a long day! It comes with a strap that you wrap around your toes and ankle to stretch them out, and two toe separators you can wear whenever!


      I think this is a great way to “work out” your toes if used properly. My only concern seeing how it’s used is that I can see people overstretching or injuring themselves if they aren’t careful!

      Things We Liked

      • Kit with stretching slings & separators
      • Set with Velcro to stretch for long periods of time
      • Affordable

      Things We Didn't Like

        • Not made for everyday use
        • Risk of overpulling/injury

        #4 Pedifix Triple Toe Straightener

        I have seen toe straighteners like this for years, and they seem to work really well if you have problems with all 3 of your inner toes. They help with crooked and overlapping toes, and provide a large pad under the toes to protect the ball of the foot from rubbing or irritation. I like that you can adjust the strength of the tension on the toe loops, in case each toe needs something different. I think these are a great option to wear with your shoes every day!

        Things We Liked

        • Aligns toes 2-4
        • Adjustable straps
        • Large foot pad for comfort
        • Can also buy 1 or 2 toe options

        Things We Didn't Like

          • Not for advanced toe problems
          • Not washable
          • Bands sometimes come undone

          Top Crooked Toe Corrector Comparison Table

          Dr. Frederick’s





          Dr. Frederick’s Original Hammer Toe Cushion
          Profoot Toe Straight Hammertoe Wrap
          Zheeyi Hammer Toe Straighteners Slings & Toe Separators
          Pedifix Triple Toe Straightener



          $7.00/2 pack




          Under-foot padding

          Bandage Strap

          Stretching Strap & Separators

          3-toe Strap with Under-foot Padding

          Number of Toes Treated

          3 toes: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

          2 toes at a time

          Strap: 1-3 toes Separator: 3 toes

          3 toes: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

          Wear in shoes?





          Hammertoe and Mallet Toe: An Overview

          Much like bunions, hammertoe and mallet toe are caused by the misalignment of the bones and tendons in the feet. They are not always painful, but certainly can be after being on your feet all day or distance running. Also, they cause shoes to fit improperly, which increases the chances of developing blisters or corns on the toes.

          What is the difference between hammertoe and mallet toe?

          Hammertoe happens when the second joint in the toe is permanently bent. They typically happen in the second, third, and fourth toes.
          Mallet toe happens in the top joint of your toe, nearest the toenail. It’s the same thing as hammertoe, just in a different joint.

          What causes Hammertoe and Mallet toe?

          There are a lot of things that can cause the toes to permanently bend or curl unnaturally, but here are just a few of the most common causes:

          • Arthritis
          • Ill-fitting or tight shoes
          • Trauma/Injury
          • Imbalance of foot muscles
          • Toe length: if your second toe is longer than your big toe, you’re more likely to develop hammertoe or mallet toe over time
          • Heredity
          • Diabetes

          How do I Prevent Hammertoe or Mallet toe?

          • Wear larger or wider shoes, so your toes aren’t jammed in too tight.
          • Make sure you leave ½ inch of space at the ends of your shoes to allow for stretching and swelling of the feet throughout the day.
          • Try on new shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are at their most swollen, to ensure a good fit.
          • Avoid stubbing your toes (easier said than done, I know)
          • Even after correcting problems, continue using splints/padding to keep toes aligned
          • See your doctor if at-home treatments don’t work or if symptoms worsen
          • Walk around barefoot as much as possible. When you get home, slip off your shoes and socks and allow your feet to stretch out naturally. This means avoiding slippers too, especially if they are small or restricting!


          Crooked toes are a small annoyance for some, and a major pain for others. However, there are things you can easily do at home to prevent and treat crooked toes without surgery! In addition to wearing better shoes, you can use stretchers and splints to realign your toes and keep them in great shape!

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