The Best Foot Soak for Cracked Heels

Learn How to Make The Best Foot Soak For Cracked Heels

by Thank Your Foot | Last Updated : April 22nd 2017

These best foot soaks for cracked heels are extremely simple, and extremely effective!Out of all the foot soaks out there, it’s easy to understand how one might come to ask the question, “Which foot soak is the best foot soak for cracked heels?”

In this guide, we are going to help you answer that question, based on a few factors involving you and your own feet.

Let’s get to it.

First, Some Information About Cracked Heels

  • Cracked heels can be known as heel fissures. This is when the soles of your feet are extremely dry and rough, sometimes even with flaking skin in major cases.

  • People of all ages can be prone to this issue and it is not a singular problem for any one demographic. This occurs mostly because of dehydration in the feet and a lot of excess pressure in the heel area of the foot.

  • ​Apparently, cracked heels may also be caused by constantly wearing open-backed shoes. Feet become dry and cracked as a result of having no support at all for the fat pad on the soles of the feet. A little known fact for all those water-loving people is that overexposure of water can be extremely negative for the health of your feet.
  • With constant and excessive hot showers or baths, the moisture is stripped right off your feet, leaving them to suffer with flaking skin! Living in a humid environment can also contribute greatly to the effects. Additionally, those suffering from diseases of the skin such as psoriasis, eczema, thyroid disease and even diabetes and more will be more prone to such effects as well. Your situation can become even worse with a combination of all of these!

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It is important to be aware of your surroundings and your situations in order to keep a look out for the health of your feet.

Without proper care and attention, you may find yourself always falling back into the trap and having to deal with uncomfortable feet.

How Can Cracked Heels Make Your Life Difficult?

These best foot soaks for cracked heels can help you avoid embarrassing feet.Firstly, cracked heels can look pretty unsightly out in the public (which you already know, of course), which makes it difficult to enjoy a relaxed day at the beach or wear sandals or flip flops.

Most people in such situations would always be very aware of the look of their own feet, which makes day-to-day life pretty difficult. Insecurities also have a negative effect on your mental health so your peace of mind can be disrupted greatly with this.

More importantly, cracked heels are annoying and can be so painful!

Walking short distances can be extremely painful and irritating when you have a severe case of cracked heels. The soles of the feet may become very red and have multiple flaking patches and peeling skin. Itching is also a common side effects and in very extreme cases, bleeding may occur from the cracks.

And if you’re in that situation, sandals and flip-flops are an extreme no-no.

Bacteria and germs from the floor can easily travel straight to your wounds and therefore infections are pretty common. Infections open up a whole new meaning of pain and discomfort – ouch!

Those of you who unfortunately suffer from cracked heel problems will have probably related to that description greatly. You also may be wondering now how to go about alleviating the discomfort and pain at home. The best foot soak for cracked heels may help you with that!

Some of the Best Foot Soaks for Cracked Heels

Some of the best foot soaks for cracked heels are the easiest to make.We’ve done quite some homework on this topic, and we’ve found a few useful remedies that make up some of the best foot soaks for cracked heels.

The actual contender for the best foot soak for cracked heels may differ from person to person, so let’s go through the different solutions that many people do believe is their own best foot soak for cracked heels!

#1. Epsom Salt

If you follow this website regularly, you’ll know that we give lots of recommendation to Epsom salt. Here’s why:

The most widely known and used solution for cracked feet is of course an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths are touted to be the best foot soak for cracked heels because of the healing (or should I say healing!) property of the magnesium-sulfate salt. The Epsom salt helps to retain moisture and immediately gets rid of the dry and rough skin that plagues the bottom of most feet.

Now, how does one go about using Epsom salt to soak their cracked heels?

Well, the first step is obviously to buy the salt (get yours here).

Epsom salt can easily be found at almost all drug stores and convenience stores. You can ask for it or look for it in the painkillers section, near aspirin or ibuprofen and bandages. The reason it’s in this section is because it is often utilized to control and alleviate muscle pains and aches.

Additionally, another important fact to remember is that almost all Epsom salt variations do contain all the same minerals, which are magnesium and sulfate. However, the salt differs in grade depending on usage. Agricultural Epsom salt is extremely different than human use Epsom salt and it should be carefully distinguished between.

Next, you should probably invest in a foot bath or tub.

This is important if you want to make foot soaks a regular part of your routine to indulge in all the benefits instead of always going to a foot spa for your foot soaks. The foot bath is also known as a pedicure bowl in the beauty world and these should be easily located at any department store or superstore.

Additionally, you could also buy a pumice stone if you want to get the full effect of a foot soak and scrub.

Use pumice stones to exfoliate feet after using the best foot soak for cracked feetPumice stones come in different forms – stone form, on a rope or even on a stick. What you choose depends totally up to you and your preferences! However, i t is important to keep in mind that natural pumice stones that are as hard as rock may be very damaging to your skin. You should only buy pumice stones that are specifically designed for beauty and spa related purposes.

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Soaking Your Heels with Epsom Salt

Use Epsom salt as one of the best foot soaks for cracked heelsNext, before you begin this best foot soak for cracked heels, you should be aware of where you are going to do it. If you do not want to ruin your floors, be sure to place a towel or cloth underneath for easier clean up purposes.

1.) To begin, make sure to rinse your feet with warm water and mild, non-irritating soap. This helps get rid of the excess dirt that may be lodged in your feet. Remember to wash thoroughly in all crevices, such as between the toes for the hard to reach dirt and grime!

2.) Next, fill your foot bath with hot water. It should be the hottest water you can bear without burning or scalding your feet, as it will then turn warm as you are using it.

3.) It is better to have this than to have lukewarm water that turns cold midway through your foot soak! Additionally, you should keep in mind not to overfill the tub as when you place your feet inside, the water levels will rise and the water will be displaced. If it’s overfilled, you could cause spillage and ruin your floors if there is no towel underneath!

4.) Next, add the Epsom salt (shop a wide selection of Epsom salts with essential oils

5.) Another thing to keep in mind is that you should check the temperature of the water before adding the salt. This is because if it is too cold, then you might have to waste the salt by throwing out all the water and starting again.

6.) The amount of Epsom salt you add depends largely on the amount of water you are using for the foot soak. Most foot baths will need half a cup of Epsom salt, so you can use that to begin with if you are not sure how much to add.

7.) Then, place your feet gently in the tub. You can even move them around and use them to mix the salt with the water. Soak them in the mixture for about ten minutes and you can even go up to twenty if you are feeling ultra-relaxed. You will find that the roughness of the soles of your feet have become noticeably softer to the touch and any pain you might have experienced before will have dulled down.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate.

Exfoliating-FeetExfoliating-FeetAt this stage, you are ready to exfoliate away your dead skin! Take a handful of Epsom salt combined with warm water and they will form a sort of granular paste mixture. Use this mixture on the soles of your feet and massage it in for a few minutes. Not only will this be utterly relaxing and feel amazing, but the dead skin and roughness will fall right off. You can rinse off the excess by setting your feet in the foot bath again.

This is where the pumice stone comes in for further exfoliation! There is no need to dry off your feet for this step. Lift them out of the tub and use a slightly damp pumice stone on the roughest part of your feet. Be sure to only use light pressure and scrub for around four minutes to successfully remove all traces of dead skin. If you find that you are rubbing too hard with the stone, you may in fact be making things worse. The skin on your feet may become more prone to infection and become extremely irritated so if your feet begin to hurt when using the pumice stone, it is recommended to stop use immediately. Too much of a good thing can certainly be bad!

To end your foot bath, give yourself a final foot rinse to get rid of the excess dead skin that may still be clinging on. Next, pat your feet dry with a towel. Rubbing it vigorously could be detrimental to the new, soft skin that will have emerged so you should be gentle at this step. Finally, make sure to moisturize your feet! A thick, moisturizing lotion will help to retain the softness and keep your feet from reverting back to the rough soles you just got rid of. Vaseline or petroleum jelly under socks is a miracle-worker as well and this combination is touted on almost all beauty websites and by beauty gurus.

If you have tried this foot bath, you will certainly understand why it is known to be the best foot soak for cracked heels. However, there are many more ingredients that people swear by for soft, beautiful feet.

Organic Honey Does Wonders When Used Alone

Organic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heelsOrganic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heelsOrganic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heelsOrganic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heelsOrganic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heelsInstead of Epsom salt, there are many who add one cup of honey to the warm water in their foot bath. The honey is able to soften the foot and add deep moisture and is an extremely well-working cure for rough and calloused feet.

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Organic honey on its own with warm water works great as a best foot soak for cracked heels.

Essential Oils Aren’t Just For Aromatherapy–They’re Incredible for Foot Soaks

Essential oils help make up the best foot soak for cracked heelsAdditionally, there are others who believe more strongly in essential oils in a foot soak.

The recipe consists of a few drops of each of the following oils: peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil. Others create a blend of their own favorite oils, such as lavender oil or others.

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Use essential oils in the best foot soaks for cracked heelsThe drops of oil are then added similarly to the tub of warm water and feet are soaked for twenty to thirty minutes. Besides softening up rough feet, an essential oil soak is known to be the best foot soak for cracked heels because it also adds in the large advantage of ultimate relaxation. We can’t forget the wonderful smells and aromas that come with this as well, something you won’t find with an Epsom salt soak!

You Can Even Use These Listed Ingredients Together!

Combining Epsom salt, organic honey and essential oils makes the best foot soak for cracked heelsYou can mix and match all of the mentioned ingredients above, or use them all together in one soak. The option is all yours.

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can go about combatting your rough and dry calloused feet. It is a condition that is not something to be embarrassed about! Having a good foot care routine is important to be able to enjoy your time and relax after a long, hard day.

Additionally, there really is something for everyone and it is important to try out all the different remedies available for you before deciding on which foot soak you will incorporate into your daily routine. Enjoy your beautiful and soft feet!