The Various Types of Coconut Oil for Dry Feet & Skin

We were bound to talk about coconut oil for dry feet skin again.

That’s because we’re absolutely in love with coconut oil.


Because it works. It truly works.

Our feet are never the first thing we worry about when we consider ourselves and how healthy we are.

It is easy to disregard the health and condition of our feet because they are not what we look at up close on a daily basis.

Feet are tucked away from our first line of sight, covered with socks, shoes or even just in general out of the way.

Of course, our line of sight is what is directly in front of us and not what is beneath us!

This is why it is super easy to disregard any important issues or conditions that our feet may be in. And by the time we do realize these conditions, it might be too late to tackle the root of the issue itself.

At this point, all we can do is try and reverse the condition of our feet and treat the issues that have started!

One of the most talked about and complained about foot condition is dry feet! In winter times or after long, stressed out days, we do find that our feet take most of the impact as compared to other parts of our bodies.

This, of course, comes as no surprise.

As explained before, feet are not cared for in the same way we moisturize our face or watch our diet intake for health reasons.

Because of that, dry and cracked feet can keep getting worse and worse without proper attention.

This not only causes you mental discomfort but physical as well.

Dry feet can be very painful and irritating and it will be difficult to continue doing your daily tasks normally.

Of course, you will start to look for a solution. But even that can pose to be a difficult problem when you try to fit it in your daily routine.

Not everyone has the time to go to a doctor or healthcare physician, and yet others have personal problems with health insurance or payment for such medical visits.

What do you do in this situation?

Well, it is important to research your options and find a method that works for you personally! One of the most widely known methods (and is one of the most-talked about methods on this website) is coconut oil for dry feet skin.

Coconut Oil Works Like Magic

Oh, our beloved coconut oil.


A simple ingredient that most might find in their home already.


If not, it’s relatively cheap and easy to access on a regular trip to the grocery store or convenience store. What could be simpler than that?


Not only is coconut oil for dry feet skin an amazing treatment, it has so many other uses that you could use it for that would make a giant tub of coconut oil a pretty valuable investment.


A benefit of coconut oil is that it goes a lot more further than regular lotion or moisturizer. Just using one spoonful can be enough to cover your whole body, so imagine how long a quality coconut oil product will last you!


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The Various Types of Coconut Oil for Dry Feet Skin

To begin with, you may be wondering exactly what type of coconut oil to buy.

It can be daunting going to the grocery store and finding tubs of jars of different brands of coconut oil, each explaining their own benefits.

And you certainly don’t want to apply the wrong kind to your dry and aching feet, so of course, research is important again, like with many things! Coconut oil for dry feet will vary as compared to coconut oil for cooking.

Time for a small history lesson! Coconut oil was not widely used or as popular in the United States about fourteen years ago. There were not as many options available for the average consumer and most uses for coconut oil were just for dietary oils.

However, like many things, consumers today have more options than we can imagine.

There are two main types of coconut oil that you will find at the store. There is refined coconut oil and then there is virgin coconut oil.

Those that need to be refined are mas produced in an industrial setting while others that begin with fresh coconut to start with usually have less refining, something that can be surprising actually.

Naturally, coconut oil is classified as a refined product, because the oil itself does not grow on a tree or a plant. The coconut itself does, and to actually extract the oil, there does need to be refined or an industrial process that needs to be performed.

#1. Refined Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil is perfect for those with a lot of allergies and conditions, as it is less triggering and does not have the known ‘coconut taste’ or smell. It is not necessarily unhealthy or bad for you though, so this type is fine to use! The less refined coconut oils are known as virgin coconut oil and this is known to be the best type! It is taken from only mature coconuts and has contains all the fatty oil, with no need for added chemicals.

It is known to be the most pure grade and the one with the most benefits. Second, there is what is known as extra virgin coconut oil. However, there is no real difference between this and virgin olive oil so be sure not to pay a premium price for this product.

Now that’s called being a smart consumer.

#2. Liquid Coconut Oil

Another type of coconut oil that has entered the market is liquid coconut oil. This comes from natural coconut oil but has been fractionated and has extracted some of the remaining solids.

This type does stay in a liquid form while set at room temperature, something that other types of coconut oils do not do. But this type is not necessarily the best coconut oil to use.

It is safe to use on skin, but some of the unique characteristics of coconut oil have been removed.

Lauric acid is extremely beneficial and healthy fat that can be found in other forms of coconut oil, but not in the liquid version, so if that is important to you, stay clear of liquid versions.

#3. RBD, Or Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Coconut Oil

Lastly, RBD coconut oil exists but this one is not usually recommended by many beauty gurus and others.

Aren’t you wondering what RBD stands for?

Well, it means refined, bleached and deodorized.

That doesn’t sound very appealing for a natural substance you want to put on your sore and aching feet.

RBD coconut oil again has none of the original coconut taste and has none of the benefits as well. Instead, it has a lot of unnatural substances and chemicals.

Additionally, you can also look further in the product list of coconut oils for some added ingredients that are mixed in with the coconut oil.

This can be helpful instead of just pure coconut oil for some different smells or benefits that you would like.

#4. Mixing Coconut With Other Oils to Create “New” Coconut Oils

For example, shea butter, grapeseed extract, and even goat’s milk are three things that are usually added and combined with coconut oil for an extreme moisturizing product! But be careful as to what you are buying and avoid extra ingredients if you want pure coconut oil. Some ingredients, such as alcohol, can be opposite to the effect you are looking for.

Alcohol in beauty products can be extremely drying and if used on your feet, can make the condition much worse than it was before.

#5. Virgin Coconut Oil

For our situation, the best coconut oil for dry feet skin would be virgin coconut oil.


The easiest and simplest one to find, it also has the most benefits and will certainly be amazing as a home remedy for your dry feet.


Some popular brands are Nutiva or Tropical Traditions, but of course, this would depend on what you personally think is best for you and in your price range.

Using Coconut Oil (and All Its Variations) For Dry Feet Skin

Now that you have purchased your coconut oil, you may be wondering – how do you use coconut oil for dry feet skin?

Do you just slather it on and hope the dry skin is gone by morning?


Overnight treatment for cracked heels with coconut oil is the best way to use it actually.

1.) Before you go to sleep, rinse the extra dirt off your feet and soak your feet in your favorite foot soak.

2.) These can vary depending on what you like and what’s available to you, but this is again relatively cheap and easy! Next, exfoliate with your favorite exfoliating tool, whether it is a pumice stone or a foot file. Metal foot files are best for those hard to get rough spots.

3.) When all that is said and done, you can pull out your coconut oil! Apply it like you would apply normal lotion and be sure to rub it in for full effect. Don’t forget crevices between your toes and your ankles as dry skin can accumulate there as well.

4.) Take the moment to massage the lotion in your feet and enjoy the relaxation as well. This can be very therapeutic for some people and coconut oil for dry feet skin is therefore helpful after a long day.

5.) Next, put on some socks so that your sheets don’t get ruined and go to sleep! Having the coconut oil sink deep into your skin all night will leave you with fresh and soft feet in the morning, with no trace of the rough skin that you went to sleep with.

Add Coconut Oil to Your Foot Soaks–Even If It’s Plain Warm Water

Your foot soaks itself can also be adjusted to include coconut oil if you feel that you want more of it. You can mix the coconut oil with the warm water and use it as your main ingredient.


Soaking your feet in that combination for about half an hour will surely penetrate through the thick layers of skin on your feet and leave you feeling refreshed.


You can even relax with a magazine or a movie as you do it. This is a great example of self-care after the daily stresses and struggles that we go through!

Make Your Own 2-Ingredient Foot Scrub

If you are trying to use your coconut oil for dry feet skin in yet another way, why not a homemade coconut sugar foot scrub?

Exfoliation is important to get rid of dry skin, no matter how much moisture you add, so a scrub can really tackle that issue well.

You will need about thirty grams of brown sugar, one hundred grams of softened, but not melted, coconut oil and half a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil! This last ingredient is basically for an amazing and wonderful scent that will surely transform your foot scrub to a luxury level one.

To actually make it, combine all the ingredients with your hands and mix them together. The texture should be grainy like the brown sugar.

You can put the whole mixture into an airtight container for multiple uses. You can use this scrub during a bath or shower or even during a foot soak session.

Use it like a normal scrub and massage it in your skin. You will be able to see the dead skin rolling right off! It might be disgusting but it is actually very satisfying to literally see new foot skin appear from under the beaten-down calluses you already had.

The best part about this is that the scrub smells delicious! Your feet will have a wonderful smell along with their new freshness. Using this method every time you shower would be a good way to add it to your routine and make clean up easier as well.

With such constant use, you will find that the condition of your feet will change!

Clearly, it is easy to see all the benefits of coconut oil for dry feet skin.

Adding a good coconut oil to your self-care routine will make the world of a difference! After all, why should feet be disregarded? They are as important as the care for rest of our body.

And when the summer months come, we will find that our feet will be more exposed to the world. Using these methods, your feet will be ready to see the beach! Say hello to all your new flip-flops and sandals, all thanks to coconut oil!

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