3 Plus Remedies for Toxin Removal From Feet

If you think toxin removal from feet sounds crazy, you might want to read this article to learn that it’s actually not and that it can greatly impact your overall health.


No matter the “detox teas” we drink, or the foods we consume to help rid of harmful toxins in our body, our feet are our number one way of really removing toxins from our bodies.


You see, we have to watch what we eat and limit our intake of bad calories and fats in order to promote healthier metabolism and a healthier lifestyle overall. Many people go on strict diets or count their calories to do this. Other people take a different route–through exercise.


Exercise is very beneficial for people of all ages and by implementing activity and better habits in that regard, people find that they are happier and feel better in their day to day lives.


However, despite our efforts we put into detoxing our bodies with exercise and a healthy diet, none seem to be as effective as when we detox through our feet.


Our bodies house a lot of toxins and substances that can slowly deteriorate our health and cause problems that we might not even be able to locate properly.


Because of our modern and 21st century lifestyle, pollution, synthetic food processing, and even stress build up inside of us making the perfect formula for failing health (yikes!).

How to Tell When It’s Time to Detox?

The symptoms are vague yet often overlooked. You will get sick more easily and constantly, you will feel tired and have an all-over sickly feeling, along with headaches and body pains.

Symptoms like fatigue, feeling sluggish and constantly feeling “winded” or “worn out” are signs that it may be time for a detox.

People try to reduce the toxins in their body through diet cleanses or juice cleanses, but what if you want to eat what you want?

What if you do not want to limit your eating habits, but still would like to get rid of the toxins that flow through your body? Well, there certainly is a way! That way is through your feet!

This may sound silly or even strange, but it really is possible and you do not have to sacrifice anything major.

Furthermore, a big advantage that toxin removal from feet has over other methods is that it is relatively safe. Sometimes, diet restrictions do not work well and cause you to keep important nutrients out of your system.

(Feeling sluggish all the time? Try this energizing tea as a natural way to boost your energy!)

One of the Most Convenient Ways to Remove Toxins From Your Body

With toxin removal from feet, you have almost no risk of any sort of damage and are free to adjust your routine to your liking!


There are multiple methods of this toxin removal you can utilize and it is important to fully understand each method to see what is in your realm of possibilities and what works best with your lifestyle.


After all, becoming healthy should not have to be a hassle! It should be easy and should make you happier, not add more stress to your life. So, read on to see the different ways that you can easily remove toxins from your feet!

What Are Some Methods to Remove Toxins From Feet?

#1: Detox Foot Pads

Food detox pads are applied to the foot, which is known in Asia as ‘the second heart’. The foot is connected to a lot of different organs through your body and helps to pump and circulate the blood throughout your body. Due to the lifestyle, many people lead nowadays, we are not on our feet often enough which really does trouble this circulation. Foot detox pads can help with this and are perfect for toxin removal from feet.

To use, these pads should be applied to your feet at night and removed in the morning.

In order to feel results in your everyday life, you should be constantly applying these foot detox pads for about thirty days for an average person and it might take even longer if your health conditions are worse than the normal person.

(Get detox foot pads here.)

Do not be disappointed if you do not feel results right away! Every person is different so you should stick with a full month to see if they work for you.

You may be asking – how will you know if it works? What results can a foot detox pad give me?

Foot detox pads really do change how you live. They give you more energy as they flush out toxins and allow you to sleep better.

For those who have difficulties getting a good night’s sleep, this can be a godsend! More importantly, relief from headaches and body pains are a major benefit as well.

After the initial month of daily use, you can start to apply the foot detox pads less such as once or twice a week and still benefit greatly from the good it brings.

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For those who love the natural world, this will be perfect as bamboo and various tree extracts and natural ingredients are aplenty in foot detox pads. As a plus side, your feet will smell extra fresh as well!

Some say the aftermath is both the best and the worst part. The pads, when removed, will have a lot of gunk stuck to it but most are extremely satisfied with this result, as that means it is working well!

#2: Detox Foot Baths

For those who do not have easy access to foot detox pads, toxin removal from feet can easily be a do-it-yourself activity as well. Foot detox baths come a close second to the first method and have really proven to be helpful for many people suffering from toxins in their body.

Detox foot baths are usually electric ionic detox foot baths. Foot baths, like many of you know, consist of warm saltwater that you dip and soak your feet in.

-The way this works is that the warm saltwater is ionized with alternating polarities as you relax with your feet in the tub.

-Energy is charged throughout the mixture of the warm water and salt and breaks the water molecules into ions. Then, the pores on the feet are opened due to the warm water and steam and the salt can act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal property.

-Ions are absorbed through your feet and through his process, you can become detoxified right at home! Usually, you will even begin to see the water in the foot tub begin to change color. Some report a dark brown or even a black! People are quick to think that this change in color is a reflection of all the toxins leaving your body. However, this is not true!

Toxin removal from feet does not work like that.

Instead, the change in color can be attributed to the salt reacting with the ionic cartridge.

If it was the toxins leaving your feet, that would, in fact, be pretty scary! One advantage of foot detox baths is that you can use it regularly without causing harm and for as long as you want.

Relax in your at-home foot spa for up to an hour.

Many people love foot baths for just this reason. It is an almost incomparable feeling to come home after a long day and just melt into your favorite couch with your feet in warm water.

You will feel less stressed and more relaxed, along with the added benefit of a clean circulation inside your body.

#3: Foot Mask & Bath 

Many people have their own favorite do-it-yourself detox foot soak recipe.

None are better than others, it all depends on what you think is best!

However, we’ve got a recipe that involves the use of skin-safe clay (meant to ex to get started, it sure does help to learn

To get started, it sure does help to learn of other recipes and try them out at home! Here is one such recipe that is making the rounds online.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Epsom salt (Get Epsom salt here.)
  • Bentonite clay (Get bentonite clay here)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Very warm water (stay way from hot water, as the hot water may cause damage to your skin)
  • Essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus
  • An exfoliating tool
  • A tub to actually do the foot bath. 
  1. To begin with, mix a 1/2 half cup of the Epsom salt into the tub you will be using with the warm water.
  2. Try to get it as warm as possible without harming your skin.
  3. After it dissolves, add two tbsp of bentonite clay and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a smaller bowl. Use this as a foot mask and cover your feet with it.
  4. You will feel an instant cooling effect that is relaxing in and of itself! After ten minutes, you will find the clay mixture has dried over your feet. As you wait for it to dry though, grab your favorite essential oils and mix them in to the tub of water.
  5. This step is completely optional, but allows for you to feel the luxury of a top-notch foot bath.
  6. Many prefer lavender or peppermint, but the choice is up to you as you are the one who is going to be smelling it! After the essential oils are added, swirl it around and smell the beautiful scent! Then, dip your clay-covered feet into the warm water. Some people prefer lavender or peppermint oil but the choice is up to you as you are the one who is going to be smelling it! After the essential oils are added, swirl it around and smell the beautiful scent! Then, dip your clay-covered feet into the warm water.
  7. This is a strange and wonderful feeling itself and my favorite part of the process. The clay will begin to dissolve and the epsom salt will come in and do it’s job. If you want, use an exfoliating tool such as a foot file or a pumice stone to finish off the foot soak. And there you have it, a wonderful way for toxin removal from feet

The best part is that it is similar to treating yourself so it can be an amazing process just for the relaxation you get and the toxin removal is just a wonderful benefit that comes with it.

Add Teas, Ginger, and Even Peppers to Your Foot Soaks

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

Other things that people have added to their own foot soaks is tea, garlic, ginger, dried citrus peels such as oranges or lemons or even dried hot peppers.

Tea is a favorite of many, especially because of it’s known detoxification methods. Next time you make a big mug to drink, make a little extra for your thirsty feet.

Still, others who do not have time for such experimentation can buy herb packets that are created especially for foot detoxification and are usually available at your closest health and nutrition store!

As you can see, it’s relatively easy for you to put some effort in and successfully detox your body through an unconventional way – your feet!

Toxin removal can do such good things for you in your daily life, so why not go for it? You will be able to clean out your body in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

You’ll Notice How Great You Feel in Just a Few Days

There is no pain and no hassle with toxin removal from feet methods!


Your energy levels will also go way up and even skyrocket. Fatigue is easily combated with these and you will be more productive throughout your day and get a lot more done! Now that shows that spending a bit of time on your feet is really a small price to pay.


Fatigue is easily combated with these and you will be more productive throughout your day and get a lot more done! Now that shows that spending a bit of time on your feet is really a small price to pay.


Toxin removal from feet continues to really improve stress levels as well.


When you are stress, your body loses a lot of key nutrients and hormones and foot detox is one way to get those levels up again and relax your body and your mind. stress, your body loses a lot of key nutrients and hormones and foot detox is one way to get those levels up again and relax your body and your mind.


Getting these nasty toxins out means better blood flow for you.


Now that is a great benefit! Moreover, your overall blood circulation will greatly get better as well. This directly helps to combat certain issues you might get, such as cold hands and feet or even muscle cramps or aching legs.


For those who love their beauty, your skin quality will improve greatly. If you suffer from acne, rashes and pimples, foot detox is just for you!


These breakouts may just be important indicators of your rising and dangerous toxin levels so it might be helpful for you to combat it with some popular foot detox methods. Even your hair and nails will thank you, as they begin to grow and get stronger with every round of detoxification!


And the best part about this all is of course your better smelling feet. Nobody likes to admit it, but we all have smelly foot problems! A long day in hot weather is not kind at all to anybody’s feet. Detox pads and foot baths strip away all foul odors from your foot and help you kill two birds with one stone! So what are you waiting for? Start removing toxins from your feet ASAP!

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