The Healing Wonders of Salt Foot Bath Benefits

The healing wonders of salt foot bath benefitsNot many people are “in the know” of the healing wonders of salt foot bath benefits–but we’re about to tell just what those healing wonders are.

Under the realm of foot care, there exists a wide range of treatments and techniques that many people use to care for their feet and relax themselves (many of which foot care treatments you’ll find here on this website).

Aside from your usual foot massage, or foot spa treatment, one of the more important and useful techniques is foot baths. And more specifically, salt foot baths!

Why Salt Foot Baths Are So Beneficial to You and Your Feet

Salt foot bath benefits affect more than just your feetSalt as an active ingredient is very helpful for those looking out for the health of their feet. The helpful effects of salt are very obvious to those who are keen beauty shoppers. We see salt listed as an ingredient in many beauty products, whether it is sea salt or epsom salt or a different salt altogether.


Salt foot bath benefits are numerous and those who start utilizing this aspect of foot care find themselves extremely satisfied with it. It is almost difficult to revert back to not caring about foot health at all after this!


One of the major salt foot bath benefits is that they can easily be done by yourself at home. There’s no need to shell out a large amount of cash in order to have a professional tend to your feet.


You can get the same results, or maybe even better, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. How cool is that?


In addition to the cheap price of at home salt foot baths, many people also find that they are more comfortable and relaxed when not in front of spa employees or other customers, so that can be an added advantage as well, depending on what your wants and needs are.

What Kind of Salt is Used for the BEST Salt Foot Baths Benefits?

What kind of salt is used the the BEST salt foot bath benefitsThe salt used, and the salt that will give you the most salt foot bath benefits, is most commonly known as epsom salt (if you don’t already have this “wonder salt”, get it here.)

This salt is named after the town of Epsom situated in England.

What exactly is epsom salt?

This type of salt is more correctly known as magnesium sulfate and it is an extremely pure mineral compound–and an extremely good compound for your skin.

Are Salt Foot Bath Benefits Different When You Use Regular Table Salt?

Table salt does not have the same salt foot bath benefitsTable salt does not have the same salt foot bath benefits as other salts like epsom salt and sea salt.


The answer is, yes.


Epsom salt is a better choice because of the high amounts of magnesium it provides. Table salt just doesn’t have these properties, making it useless to your skin when compared to epsom salt.


Although we can easily increase our magnesium levels through our dietary habits and food, it is always beneficial to gain magnesium through different ways, such as transdermally.


Transdermal is when important ingredients or nutrients are delivered to the body through the skin, which is what salt foot baths can do for us. Receiving magnesium through the transdermal route is helpful because unlike through the digestive system, the magnesium is not affected by acids in the stomach or even digestive enzymes. Transdermally, the magnesium is able to directly enter the bloodstream and go past the liver and stomach.


Why is this important?



Studies show that there is a high percentage of magnesium-deficient adults. Therefore, salt foot bath benefits these adults greatly in helping them to increase their magnesium levels through a fun, easy and relaxing technique that will not break the bank or cause extra and unwanted side effects.


Moreover, it has been proven through many studies that even a short twenty-minute foot soak in warm epsom salt water can significantly increase the magnesium levels in a person in a timeframe of just under four weeks.


Now, compared to intrusive medical practices or harsh medication or even supplements, foot baths can be seen as a wonderful option for those wishing to relax at the same time they receive their required minerals and nutrients!

Salt Foot Bath Benefits Help Your Blood Circulation

Improved blood circulation is one of many salt foot bath benefitsSalt foot bath benefits also work well for the cardiovascular system. The blood circulation in feet is greatly improved through these warm salt baths and therefore also increasing the elasticity of arteries in the ankle and foot area.

Because of this, blood pressure can be greatly reduced. All of this collectively can very significantly reduce the risk of developing blood clots in the foot and even the accumulation of plaque or infections. Thanks to these foot baths, the arterial wall in the foot becomes healthier and less prone to injury.

It’s Harsh on Bacteria and Gentle on Your Skin

Salt foot bath benefits Gentle on your skin, harsh on bacteria and infectionAnother simple salt foot bath benefit is the cleanliness that comes with constant soaks. The warm water and combined salt flow around the feet can help to kill germs and bacteria and therefore kill off all infections or risk of infections. It is impossible for bacteria to survive in such a salty environment.


Moreover, the more you allow yourself to enjoy salt foot bath benefits with espsom salt, your feet will never stink again! For those who have been cursed with smelly feet, salt foot baths are the cure to your odor. Because the bacteria is constantly killed off, your feet will always smell fresh and clean. When you are constantly indulging in salt foot baths, you will find that you will almost never be at the mercy of a foot infection again! Any foot fungus that might have grown on your feet will almost instantly be removed.

And They Even Help You Win the Fight Against Ingrown Toenails

One of the amazing salt foot bath benefits is that it helps you fight those nasty ingrown toenailsAnd for those who suffer from constant ingrown nails, salt foot baths can help you as well. Ingrown toenails are also known as onychogryphosis and occurs then the toenail penetrates into the skin on your toes. This can be very painful and inflammatory.

If not taken care of, ingrown toenails can very easily spiral out of control and can even require surgery to help cure it.

Epsom salt is antiseptic by the nature of it and can treat the wound around your ingrown toenail by softening the skin and allowing easy removal of the toenail itself. Ingrown nails and the pain associated them will be greatly reduced with constant salt foot baths.

If foot infections are not your worry at all, salt foot bath benefits can still be applied to you.

They Don’t Just Calm Your Feet–They Calm Your Body, Too

Salt foot bath benefits - Relaxation for the feet, mind and soulIf you are having any trouble with your sleep or have issues such as insomnia, foot baths can help tremendously!


For those who struggle to wind down or relax after a long day, salt foot baths can be of a great help. It is interesting to note that magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. By coming in contact with the mineral, calcium is moved out of the muscles and into the bloodstream and allows for the calcium to be utilized somewhere else.


At the same time, the magnesium is very important for a body’s glucose metabolism. This is because the magnesium can help to regulate a person’s blood sugar by assisting in the production of energy from glucose. All of these details do relate to sleep When muscle tension is released, the body’s immediate response is relaxation, the extreme opposite of the stress response.


This process is absolutely necessary for a good night’s sleep!


Additionally, the magnesium found in epsom salt can also help in the production of cellular energy and further stabilize a body’s blood sugar. This leads to balanced hormonal levels, another important requirement for a healthy and rejuvenating sleep.

Sea Salt is Also Wonderful and Has Several Salt Foot Bath Benefits

Besides epsom salt, sea salt   is another type of salt that can be used in foot baths or foot soaks for extra advantages. Sea salt also goes by the name of bay salt and is created through the process of evaporation in salt water bodies or oceans. The salt is somewhat darker when compared to different refined salts.

This is because sea salt is known to absorb a variety of essential minerals that exist in the clay lining of bodies of water. An important fact to remember about sea salt is that it does not undergo extreme processing like table salt does, leaving it pure and healthy. It keeps its high moisture levels and mineral levels. The minerals provided by sea salt are highly beneficial for the human body and that is why sea salt is seen in so many products across the beauty world. These minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and many more.

Salt foot bath benefits do greatly increase when using sea salt.

For example, using Dead Sea salt solution in your foot soak can increase the moisture in your foot, softening it and removing callouses and rough skin. Inflammation can be decreased as well. Again, this is because of magnesium levels that exist in the sea salt. Additionally, feet can be detoxed as toxins are flushed out from the pores.

Salt Foot Bath Benefits Help with Arthritis Pain

Another sea salt foot bath benefit - It helps treat arthritis painPatients suffering from arthritis are among those who utilize sea salt in their salt foot baths. This is because sea salt has been proven to be very beneficial for those with joint or bone issues, especially in sensitive areas such as the ankle or the foot. The anti-inflammatory aspect of sea salt is one that is highly regarded.


Another important use sea salt has in foot soaks or baths is exfoliation.


With the help of sea salt, dead skin cells and particles are removed and the foot is renewed, revealing brand new skin. Skin tissues are toned up and blood circulation again increases. Because of the different texture of sea salt, it is a favorite for those with rough feet looking to soften up their soles and reveal extremely soft foot skin!

Skin Conditions on the Feet Are Treated with Salt Foot Baths

Salt foot bath benefits helps get rid of irritation of the skin caused by skin conditions like psoriasisAnother disease or illness that sea salt foot bath benefits can help with is psoriasis. Those with extremely itchy or scaling skin conditions can find instant relief when submerging their feet in warm sea salt water. The results are extremely satisfying and many find solace and relaxation with these foot baths.

However, it is not okay to rely solely on salt foot baths for the cure to all foot related issues and problems.

There are many ways in which medicine can be of great importance and help in many more circumstances than salt foot bath benefits exist.

If you experience severe or extreme foot pain or prolonged foot pain that lasts longer than a week, redness and swelling, bleeding, tenderness or bruising or if you have diabetes, please seek out the advice of a licensed professional before self-medicating!

Salt foot baths can only do so much and are not recommended in extreme health situations.

So, How Does One Go About Enjoying the Salt Foot Bath Benefits From Home?

You can enjoy the salt foot bath benefits right from the comfort of your own homeAfter reading about all these salt foot bath benefits, you must be wondering how to create one for yourself!


Of course, the most important ingredients would be the extremely popular epsom salt or even sea salt, whichever you prefer or whichever is easily accessible to you.


Epsom salt can be found in most drugstores or convenience stores and are boxed in easy to use packages–or you can get it here.


Sea salt is also easily accessible at almost all grocery stores and can be used straight out of the box, just like epsom salt. Neither of these ingredients are difficult to find, which is just one reason that makes salt foot baths such a good foot treatment.


Creating your own foot bath is extremely simple and easy.  Anybody can do it. To create your own salt foot bath, mix half a cup of salt, either epsom salt or sea salt, with two quarts of very warm but still comfortable water. You should check the temperature of the water to make sure it is bearable and comfortable for you to rest your feet in it. Wait until it dissolves and then slowly submerge your feet and soak. The minimum time is ten minutes but you can rest in there for as long as desired, or until the water turns cold.


To create an even better experience, you may add drops of essential oils for a wonderful and relaxing smell and environment. Lavender oil is a favorite for many, or even peppermint oil. The important thing is that it is completely up to you if this is an at home DIY project, so you may adjust the oils or smells to your liking! For an extra spa-like treatment, take the salt from the tub and rub your feet to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.


Rinse off and enjoy your soft, healthy feet! You will soon find that you enjoy salt foot bath benefits so much that it will become a staple in your self-care routine. In the long-term, you will for sure notice the advantages that this foot soak will have brought you.

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