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Repairing Ingrown Toenail: Best Home Treatments

Fixing an ingrown toenail is often a painful and expensive process. It used to mean several sessions of pedicures to soften and reshape the nail into its original shape. If that didn’t work, you ended up at the doctor where they would either treat the nail, or surgically remove it and allow it to regrow […]

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The Truth about Ionic Foot Baths

Have you ever heard about ionic foot bath treatments? These detoxifying treatments have become so popular over the last several years that they are offered in spas as well as home versions. Made with ionic array straight from China. This company claims these treatments will draw toxins out of your body from your feet. A […]

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Tips for Summer Ready Feet

Summer is almost here! Visiting sandy beaches, amusement parks, and soaking up all of the sun possible is what we will all hopefully be doing. No matter what your summer involves, your feet will certainly be front and center for the festivities. Whether you wear sandals, flip-flops, or even no shoes at all you feet […]

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