The Surprising Benefits of Toe Spacers That You Need to Know

The Surprising Benefits of Toe SpacersDid you know that there are several benefits of toe spacers, other than the benefit of being able to paint your toes without smudging the polish all over the place?

Yes, there are particular benefits of toe spacers that people use them for. So, no. They’re not just for your local nail technician to use while she’s giving you your end-of-the-week pedicure.

Some of the benefits of toe spacers not only affect your feet, but your overall health and well being. This is because toe spacers can be used to help correct and treat foot problems including poor circulation, aches and pains due to being on your feet for long hours, bent or curved toes, and unaligned joints. Toe spacers may also help improve posture, which is excellent health for your spine, and they help keep your feet and their appearance nice and beautiful. This is especially important for those who are dealing with changes of the shape and feeling of their feet due to age.

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Here are some of the ways you can use toe spacers to treat the above foot conditions, so that you can enjoy the overall benefits of toe spacers.

What Are Toe Spacers?

The benefits of toe spacers: What are toe spacers

Toe spacers are little devices that are meant to be placed between your toes in order to help stretch and loosen tense muscles in your toes. Again, just like the ones your local nail technician uses on you when she’s giving you a pedicure.


Some toe spacers are also commonly used to help with cutting and trimming toenails, as well as apply topical medications to specific toes when dealing with foot conditions like fungal and bacterial infections, toe injuries, and ingrown toenails. The toe spacers help keep your toes nice and separate, so that they do not rub against each other.

What Are the Benefits of Toe Spacers?

The benefits of toe spacers: They can be used to treat painful foot conditions, naturally.

Aside from helping keep your toes nice and separated for pedicures, toe spacers are also used to help reduce friction and irritation that may be going on between the toes. Several conditions can cause such irritation due to toes, such as toes that are awkwardly positioned due to bunions, toe curving or bending or other foot conditions.

Toe spacers gently pull or stretch the toes into a position where each toe is flexed outward (similar to when you hold your hands open and extend your fingers to separate from each other).

What are these toe spacers made of?

The benefits of toe spacers depends on the materials used for the spacers.

Your toe spacers can be found in different materials, as well as materials made from home. Such materials include foam, cotton and even gel. Some gel toe spacers are infused with mineral oil, which releases into your skin when wedged into place. This mineral oil helps soothe and soften tired and dry feet, and are wonderful for use after a long and tiring day.


Other than adding convenience to your footcare regimes, the benefits of toe spacers reach further past that.


Toe spacers help treat foot conditions like curved or “bent” toes, bunions, toe aches and pains, foot injuries, all of which can otherwise lead to other health problems.


Toe spacers allow your toes to stretch, which can help aide with relieving aches and pains, and can help correct walking habits by helping realign toes that have become curved or started to bend due to injury or age.


The stretching of the toes from use of toe spacers may also help treat bunions, which can be extremely painful if left untreated, as well as help prevent corns, which develop when the skin is under constant friction between shoes and even the toes rub together.

What Are Some Ways I Can Enjoy the Benefits of Toe Spacers?

What are some ways to enjoy the benefits of toe spacers?

As if this news isn’t exciting as it is, there are actually quite a few ways that you can easily enjoy the benefits of toe spacers–and you can start enjoying these benefits as soon as now.

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If you’re new to using toe spacers, try starting off with just 15 minutes.

Now, before you go out and buy your first pair of toe spacers, please take the time to learn about how to train your toes into getting used to the toe spacers being wedged between them. It’s important that you do this so that you lessen the risk of cramping from using toe spacers for the first time for healing purposes. Although cramping is usually nothing serious, and can be easily treated within minutes, it’s still an unpleasant feeling to have in your toes and feet.

The reason your feet and toes may cramp from using toe spacers for too long, especially when you’re first introducing your feet to toe spacers for longer periods of time, is because your toes aren’t used to being stretched or separated from each other. Our feet tend to be used to being squeezed together, so the separation may shock them.

For the first few days of using your toe spacers, leave them in for only 15 minutes, and then gradually increase that time every continued use.

This helps your toes adjust smoothly to the stretching done by the toe spacers. And even though 15 minutes seems like such a short time, you’ll still begin to notice the difference in how your feet feel after these short 15 minutes.

Use your toe spacers after soothing showers and warm baths.

The benefits of toe spacers: Using toe spacers after warm and soothing baths and showersIt’s no secret that warm and relaxing showers and baths just completely relax and loosen up the muscles in your body. This especially happens in your feet when you take a warm shower or bath.


Because your feet tend to loosen up and not feel so tense after being exposed to warm water or soaks, this is a great time to insert your toe spacers. You will notice how easy it is to wedge the toe spacers between your toes after a warm shower or bath, as opposed to when you try to wedge them in without taking a warm shower or bath.


It’s also best to apply lotions, creams or soothing oils to your feet and toes before inserting toe spacers. Though this is not in any shape or form required, it definitely is something that will help relax and sooth your toes and feet. This process just helps maximize the benefits of toe spacers.


(Check out these super easy, super soothing DIY foot soaks. #4 is our favorite!)

Wear them when you’re lounging around the house.

The benefits of to spacers: Wear them while you lounge around the house.

It really doesn’t take much to enjoy the benefits of toe spacers. As a matter of fact, they’re so simple to use, yet so effective. You can insert your toe spacers and leave them in, letting their magic work, while you lounge around the house all day.

Yes, this means you can totally watch your favorite show on television while your toe spacers relax your feet. You can also read a book or even nap in your toe spacers.

Treat yourself to a pamper day and try this Stress Relieving DIY Foot Lotion with Peppermint Oil at home before you insert your toe spacers.

Wear them when you nap.

And treating your worn and tired toes just gets easier and easier.

Toe spacers are not only one of the simplest ways to treat some of the most common foot conditions associated with aches and pains, but it’s also one of the safest treatments–so safe, they can be left wedged between your toes while you lay down for a power nap.

As a matter of fact, if your toes are used to your toe spacers, go ahead and spend the night wearing them.

Like we said. It just gets easier and easier.

Toe spacers are extremely safe and are extremely comfortable, making them perfect to use while you sack out for a full night’s rest. After all, your toes need their beauty sleep, too.

Use your toe spacers after sports activities and after long days at work or being on your feet.

These above activities can stress the muscles of your feet and your toes. This is why it’s important to use your toe spacers after you’ve put them through a good amount of standing, walking and running. Especially if you are wearing certain shoes that may be tight-fitting, or that have elevated heels. Shoes with elevated heels cause your to bear your weight of your body onto the tips of your toes, which causes your toes to become strained. This is also what leads to aches and pains. But don’t worry. These aches and pains can be helped with your toe spacers.

Enjoy the benefits of toes spacers any time your feet need pampering.

One of the best benefits of the toe spacers is that they make it so easy for you to Pamper you feet, with literally the smallest amount of effort.

All that’s required of you to pamper your feet with toe spacers is selecting a pair of your choice, finding a nice and comfy spot around your home, and placing your to spacers on in your feet. Then, when relaxing time is over (whenever you decide), you take them out and your feet are left feeling relaxed, less tense, and less painful, too.

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